Monday, April 14, 2008


I've had a chance to watch a little of each of the playoff series during these NHL playoffs, and I have to admit: the Rangers and Devils are by far playing the crappiest hockey out of anyone in the first round. The three games so far have been grinding, sloppy, chippy and unexciting, as equal attention has been given to both Sean Avery's jackassery and his goal scoring, and only Lundqvist has earned his cheers . . . which have been most loudly heard in the Devils' building by visiting Rangers fans. Unlike previous postseason matchups between these two cross-river rivals, this plodding series will not go down as a classic.

Everywhere else you look, there is simply more compelling and better played hockey. (Really, Kris, the rest of the hockey has been pretty good.)

* The Predators have just capped off an unlikely comeback at the hands of the Red Wings, scoring two goals in 9 seconds against "The Decentator" in the 3rd to take the lead, then adding an empty netter in a 5-3 Game 3 home win.

Interesting fact: #22 Jordin Tootoo, born on 2/2, has scored 22 career goals for Nashville, and currently has 2 goals (2 points) in 2 playoff games.

* Pittsburgh and Ottawa had a combined 84 shots in a 5-3 Sidsburgh win last Friday, which sounds like an exciting game and a Bettman wet dream. Tonight, they've put a strangehold on the series, going up 3-0.

* The Stars skated circles around a flat-webfooted Ducks team as they won Game 2 by a score of 5-2.

* AARP member/Flames goalie Curtis Joseph was dusted off after Kipper gave up 3 goals against the circling Sharks, and was the beneficiary of 4 unexplained goals by the home team in the 4-3 win. Patrick Marleau wonders where his little brown doggy is after this hit.

* Montreal got an Game 2 OT thriller from Kovalev, but got wicked shawked the next night in Beantown by an OT winner by Marc "Brokeback" Savard, to slim Les Habs series lead to 2-1.

Meanwhile, the news out of New York is "Avery act prompts NHL to amend unsportsmanlike rule". So yeah, the Devils/Rangers has not at all been fun to watch, and this is the shitty icing on the garbage cake. I think I'm done with it unless it somehow gets to a Game 7. However, I see the Rangers taking this thing in 5, as I try to play some golf before the Devils take all the good tee times.

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