Monday, April 28, 2008


Yeah, yeah. This is like the most cliched line in the history of cliched movie lines, but it's easily bloggable at 1:17. Most scenes with Clint Eastwood in them go on for 5 minutes or more and I know that you, our ADHD readers, won't watch that.

Anyway, Clint's always been one of my favorite actors and even more so as a director. I don't love everything that he does, but he manages to portray a cynicism about humanity that is a integral part of my philosophy. Unforgiven, while depressing, is one of my favorite movies and probably my favorite Western. I know that Clint's done a lot of shitty movies, but I think Every Which Way But Loose has gotten a bad rap: Orangutans can be surprisingly good actors!

You gotta ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?

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