Monday, April 14, 2008


Jeff's "Avery is a Douche" post got me thinking about Slapshot and what a funny movie that was and how I need to buy a DVD player so I can watch it again on the new SORNY.

It was actually Newman's harassment of the opposing tender that got me thinking "Hanrahan, Suzanne sucks pussy!" and I ended up spending over a half hour checking out clips various Hanson's clips (did you know that Dave coaches youth hockey near Pittsburgh?).

"You need to get married again or [your son's] going to end up with a someone's cock in his mouth"

"Dave's a Killer!" "Dave's a mess"

Anyway, there's a bunch of great scenes, but Denis Lemieux explaining the rules to Jim Carr has to be one of my favorites.

If you were ever curious of how it would sound like in Quebecois, here's your chance!

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