Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today's the last day of April. To celebrate this non-event, I'm posting the most watched video on Youtube for the month.

10,558,655 people watched Centrium-Silver-consumer-Madonna dance with her could-be son, Justin Timberlake over the past month...That's probably more people than watched playoff hockey.

I didn't like Madonna in the 80s. I didn't like her in the 90s and I hoped that moving to England and popping out Guy Ritchie's spawn would mean that I would have to avoid her in the latter part of the this decade. Meh.

I didn't watch this, but I'm sure it's terrible

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Jeff K said...

What do you mean, the #1 YouTube video didn't feature a funny cat?

I didn't watch this video either, but yeah, it sucks.