Friday, April 18, 2008


I've been saying for years that "Knocked Up" would have benefited from a reduced amount of Seth wait; I've been saying that it would have benefited from a reduced amount of Judd Apatow, meh, it was crap either way.

Anyway: If they had avoided Rogen and gone with Michael Cera, I think I could have liked the movie more (although it still would have been a Judd Apatow production). Unfortunately there were apparent creative differences between Cera and Judd (and it doesn't look like Cera got along with Katherine Heigl much after this little incident).

Moderately NSFW language unless your boss likes f-bombs, in which case it's completely SFW.

Who's...hey can anyone find...who's directing this movie? does anyone know?
You know what, Mike, why don't you direct yourself?

You know what? I'm fucking tired of your bullshit - you're a fucking asshole. Your show isn't even on the air anymore!

Mark this day in your books. I wrote about Judd Apatow without hate.

[EDIT: you didn't think I could make it through an entire post without some Apatow-hate: Apparently "Apatow" has been adjectified apatovian made an appearance in Slate. Fuck Judd afterall]


Jeff K said...

I meant to comment on this days ago: you know this is just a form of "viral marketing", right? Michael Cera is just doing a parody of the infamous video where Lily Tomlin/David O. Russell lose their shit during the filming of I Heart Huckabees.

So you can still hate marketing and Apatow, and Apatovian marketing, if you want.

I still have to get around to renting Juno.

Kris said...

Yeah, I know it's not "real.

I didn't see "I Heart Huckabees" and I obviously didn't make it clear that I didn't actually think that Michael Cera was up for that role.

I'm much to cynical to actually be taken in by an Apatovian trick.

Jeff K said...

Okay, just checking. I thought "Funny Or Die" was enough of a tip-off that it was a joke, but you never know in this crazy Youtubery world we live in.

You have to see the outtakes from I Heart Huckabees where Lily Tomlin freaks out and director David O. Russell reciprocates in kind. There are two of them (the second one is the best) and they are NSFW:

Lily freaks out in car
Lily vs. David