Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The Onion gets another hockey scoop today, covering Ovechkin's call-up to the "professional" Miami Dolphins.

Reggie, when Ovechkin started off in the NHL do you think that he ever dreamed he'd be able to play sports professionally?

Hockey is challenging, you're going up a bunch of guys that all want to make it to the NFL, or
anywhere else.

It's a huge difference [playing in front a crowd], Michael, there's the cheering, knowing that there's actually fans who are depending on you; it's not just mom and dad anymore.

My wife tells me that skating is a great cardio workout; she's got a pair of those Rollerblades.

NHL Star Called Up To Big Leagues To Play For NFL Team

Congratulations, Bettman you fuck. You've managed to take the NHL from "that sport, you know, the one that Gretzky plays...ummm, with the hair...oh, oh and there's ice too" to the well-known punchline for so many sports jokes.

Reggie Greengrass; covering all things sports and hockey too.


Jeff K said...

I love how they show clips of like 7 different players.

"Well, at least now he'll be getting a paycheck."


Kris said...

I think a few of those players may be minor-leaguers too!

He's actually quite a spark-plug. I wouldn't be surprised if he gives some of the trained athletes a run for their money.