Thursday, April 24, 2008


I like being allowed to reset the teams and choose again, since I only had one Eastern team correct the first go-around. I'm going to do that during the NCAA basketball tournament next year.

Prince of Wales [Eastern] Conference

(1) Montréal vs. (6) Philadelphia. The Habs should have never gone 7 games against Boston, but Price showed his rookieness a little too much. However, this Philthy team is only here because they beat an exhausted Kaps team, and are now going up against a much deeper opponent.
Habs in 6.

(2) Pittsburgh vs. (5) New York Rangers. Hopefully, we can stop talking about Sean Motherfucking Avery and his stupid antics when he all but disappears in this series. He can stand on his giant empty head for all I care, he's useless if he doesn't score. I don't think the Rangers D can really handle the speed of the Pens, but they'll give it a shot. Jagr, Gomez and Drury will get their points, but they won't have an answer for Malkin and Hossa. Though I'm still not sold on MAF, the defense in front of him has been great, anchored by Gonchar. Oh, and they have a guy named Sid Crosby, you might want to keep an eye on him as a future star. Penguins in 6.

Clarence Campbell [Western] Conference
(1) Detroit vs. (6) Colorado. The Red Wings are going to hang around for at least one more round, mainly because Osgood looks as good as he has in years. Sakic and Floppa have got to be tired by now, right? I don't know how they skate in that thin air in Denver, I get winded after 45 seconds. Hejduk, skating in the cold, and your team is growing old, can you help me? Wings in 6.

(2) San Jose vs. (5) Dallas. Everyone thinks the Sharks learned their lesson from their stumbling series against the Flames. Who shot JR out of a cannon in the first round? I thought he retired. I really don't know what to make of Dallas, as they seemed much more solid, fast and tough than previously thought. Turco has been stellar, Nabakov has looked ordinary. Dammit. I'm flip flopping on this one, and was about to write Stars in 7 . . . but I'm sticking to Sharks in 7.

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