Friday, April 4, 2008


Just in case you missed it the first time around; enjoy Sabretooth's glorious destruction of The New Jersey (hahahaha) Devil.

I've got a ton of different things that I want to talk about, and I'll be god damned if I'm going post 5 different times, when I can do it just once. Don't like it? T.S.

* I've been doing a lot of highway driving at night lately and there's something that bugs me (well there's lots of things that "bug me" but there's this one thing in particular). So, picture it, you're on the highway, you're going from city A to city B (for the sake of argument we'll say Bordeaux to Toulouse, since that's where these observations have taken place). So, it's ~250 km between these two fair towns (that's a little bit over 150 miles). You're driving and you have about 200km to go: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING GPS UNIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING FACE? YOU STUPID STUPID PERSON. No, but really. First of all, I think that 90% of people need to spend more time focused on the actual road and less on objects in the vehicle, second, GPS has its uses, but I still prefer an actual road map (which has never told me to turn left on the a highway while going 85mph) and third, even if you need a GPS (I do agree that there are some uses for them, especially in cities), you don't need it to tell you "go straight for...200 miles. Then turn left). I fucking hate this, it's like people who get a new TV and it's the only thing they talk about for like a week...I really hate those people.

*So I was watching the SORNY again last night...and man, I really need to validate my purchase. I'm goign to find a forum where I can tell the world how fucking awesome this thing is. And how I think that my TV magically gets HD broadcasts right with only a SD turner (I read someone who was convinced that this was true).
Has anyone ever noticed this phenomena with recent purchasers of mass-market AV equipment? People always rate their purchase as a 9/10 or 10/10, even though they've only had the TV for a week (well except the people who got a broken one). It's fine for trending (if a lot of TVs are coming back broken, well that's not good), but only an idiot would pay attention to what the purchasers thought.

*I was playing NHL2000 again. After Jeff K's blatant mimicry (it's the best complement they say), I felt the need to kick some Devil ass (like our old friend Sabretooth, who, the public agrees, is definitely kicking ass right now). I played a mini tournament featuring all the NY/NJ teams. I didn't check the difficulty level, but I think, based on the results, that it was on Rookie (2/4). Things went poorly for Eeel-e-ass (it's an NHL officially licensed product too!) and Co. The first round saw each team play once, then a 1-4 seeding with semi and final games. BUF-NJD 6-2, BUF-NYR 11-1, BUF-NYI 8-0. Semifinals BUF-NJD 8-0. Finals BUF-NYI 11-0. Final standings BUF-NYI-NYR-NJD (Ritcher shut the diablos out in the bronze metal game). Miro Satan averaged 3 goals per game. Peca, playing on defense had 2 hat tricks and the Sabres managed to injure 3 of the 5 Islander starters in the Final (somehow I had the Injuries Option Turned "OFF" for most of the tournament). Needless to say, it takes some of the edge off of...

*What the fuck. I mean, there's playing like shit all season, then almost making it at the end, while going out in a blaze of glory (like for example winning out, but not getting any help). And then there's playing like shit all season and then playing like shit in the last 15 games. The fucking Sabres had something like 3 good games this year. Maxim for Men better be traded (yeah, I know, who'll take him and for what? but still) or Darcy Regier is dead to me.

Jeff quoted some stats a few days back, and while I agree that Buffalo's malaise this year can't all be completely attributed to Daniella and Chrissy's departures, Vanek's precipitous drop in numbers can be. He was lined up with Daniella most of last season and a lot of Briere's 63 assists hit Vanek's stick on their way into the net. His +47 last year to -6 this year? I don't know. I don't want to be called a cynic, but he had an entry-level contract last year and he's got $52mil promised over the next 7 now? Meh. He'd better pick it up some next year, I tell ya, I watched a game back when they still had a chance (a week or so back) and he was dogging it something awful on every shift. I like the kid, he's big, he's strong, he can score goals, but he also seems to have a lazy streak that someone of his remuneration should not even consider.

*I would take the Cryers in the playoffs if it meant that the Sens didn't make it. That would make me laugh so much.

*I've watched a few soccer games lately, mostly to see how the LCD handles heavy motion and since it's getting late in the international competitions there aren't any French teams left. So I've been paying attention to the protocol for a French announcer; i.e. who they must support/encourage to win:

1. The French National Team (FNT) vs _________(up to and including God).

2. Former French colony (or country with French-sounding name) vs anyone [except the FNT]

3. French Team vs non-French team in International competition (UEFA, Champions League)

4. Non-French team with French coach vs. non-French team with non-French coach.

5. Non-French team with FNT players vs. non-French team without FNT players

6. Non-French team with French-sounding player (usually from one of the teams in #2) vs. Non-French team without French-sounding player.

7. Non-French team with non-French-sound player who last year had a French player vs Non-French team with non-French-sounding player who did not have a French player last year.

It goes on and on like this, but this is apparently the law as laid down by L'Academie Fran├žaise. I have no source information, except having watched games on all the major French channels, where every game they need to prove that they follow the above rules; loudly and repetitively.

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